Mr. Leonard is an award-winning educator and principal of CAMPA

Letter from Mr. Leonard

My name is George Leonard, and I will officially assume the role of Principal the start of the 2017-2018 school year. I promise that my 35+ years as a successful educator will create an atmosphere and culture at CAMPA, which strongly promotes student achievement, transparency and parent satisfaction.

I believe that each child is endowed with his or her own individual capacities and characteristics, and that schools must provide the kind of education best fitted to meet their individual needs.Hopefully, we can establish , right here at CAMPA Middle School, an atmosphere of trust and open communication.

Mr. Leonard's Mottos for CAMPA

Every Child is Born to Win,” and "Academic Empowerment is the Birthright of every Child.”

Please do not hide your concerns. My office will always be open to both parents and students at all times. The leadership of any school cannot operate in isolation and still expect to be supported by the school community they serve.

Remember, this is your school, and you have a significant stake in it's future. Let's keep our communications open and work together to ultimately prepare all CAMPA Students for high school and beyond.


We are currently accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. Apply today.

Any students entering grades 6th, 7th or 8th in Fall 2018 who lives in New York State is eligible to apply to CAMPA Charter School. We welcome applications from students with Individualized Education Programs (IEP’s) and from English Language Learners (ELL’s).

The new CAMPA principal and staff are looking forward to meeting with each of you before the start of the upcoming school year in order to set the stage for a successful year of teaching and learning.

Introducing Principal George Leonard

Mr. Leonard's 35-Year Track Record of Success

Mr. Leonard's 35-Year Track Record of Success

During the course of a long and exemplary career of serving students across all grade levels, Mr. Leonard has an established record of high student achievement. The most recent accomplishments are as follows:

. Successfully prepared 4th and 5th Grade students for the Living Environment Regents 2016 & 2017
. Presently mentoring 5 NYC Principals
. Former Director of Curriculum & Instruction for a Charter School that has earned Reward School status 3 consecutive years

Click link below for the Huffington Post article, "Educator George E. Leonard’s Phenomenal Results in New York City: Could The National Stage Be Next?"

Mr. Leonard Prepares 5th Graders to Take High School Regents Exam

Mr. Leonard Prepares 5th Graders to Take High School Regents Exam

Mr. Leonard's proven track record extends to his most recent accomplishment with the students at Imagine Me charter school. He successfully prepared 5th grade students to take the Living Environment Regents Exam this year.

The newspaper article provides the following confirmation of Mr. Leonard's status as one of the best educators in the country: "Fast forward, decades later and he has done it again with the Talented 18. It was a full circle moment for Mr. Leonard, indubitably one of the best science teachers in the country."

The article ends with the following quotation by Mr. Leonard, “These boys have practiced every Living Environment Regents from 1990 to the present.These students are going to specialized middle schools and high schools. In their minds, they know how important this is and they are only 10 and 11 years old. They already have bright futures ahead of them where they will avoid the prison pipeline.”

Clink link below for the Black Westchester article, "The Talented 18: Imagine Me Leadership Charter School 5th Graders Take 9th Grade Regents Exam."


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