Mathematics is important because it is the most widely used subject in the world. Every career uses some form of math, and many positions in technology, finance, engineering, and other growing fields require proficiency in math.The CAMPA math program will prepare students to take algebra before the ninth grade and accordingly complete calculus in high school.

Research shows that a student who takes calculus in high school is 8 times more likely to graduate in four years.

We believe that students can be set on a course to complete high school Algebra in middle school if they have strong teachers with high expectations, a rigorous curriculum that fosters a love of mathematics, peer tutoring and other necessary support networks. In the mathematicsĀ“ program, Collegiate Academy middle school students will be required to learn foundational math skills and be able to apply them to real world situations. Teachers will facilitate student learning by guiding students through challenging material and providing focused support. Once the required skills have been demonstrated (mastered), students will begin algebra and proceed with the high school curriculum.

CAMPA students will also receive peer tutoring from high school students who passed the Math Regents to provide academic support and exposure to high school and older successful role models
Developing a work ethic will be the driving force for mathematics success. All students will be required to not only attend two periods of mathematics each day, but will also be expected to attend after school and Saturday classes.