Collegiate Academy for Mathematics and Personal Awareness Charter School (CAMPA) welcomes George Leonard as the Principal for the 2017-2018 school year. He is an award-winning educator with over thirty-five years experience in education. Mr. Leonard beliefs in establishing a rigorous and standards-based academic environment for all students.

CAMPA will pair a rigorous math-focused academic program with wellness and personal awareness support to help our students thrive in high school, college, and career. The combination of deep ties to the community, strong social development, visionary instruction, and insightful leadership will create a healthy and stimulating learning environment for CAMPA students.

The CAMPA community will work tirelessly to ensure that our students will be in a serious, nurturing environment that will foster academic success and promote character development. We expect that all of our students will not only leave CAMPA with a command of the skills necessary to perform at a high level in college, but will also develop the social tools required to thrive in our ever-changing global society.

CAMPA opened in the Fall of 2016 in East New York with a 6th grade. As our students advance to the next grade, we will grow to a full grades 6-8 middle school by Fall 2018. We are still accepting applications for 2017-2018 school year.